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  1. In Topic: A comment on your games.

    Posted 7 Jun 2007

    If the police had to enter some house, they wouldn't go looking for a guy who had the keys for three days.
  2. In Topic: A comment on your games.

    Posted 6 Jun 2007

    I got that. Shees, I'm not brain-dead. My point is...What would police do if they found a house in which they can't enter for 5 days? And what kind of media frenzy would be created around this phenomenon in real world? Imagine. And on what exactly way they would be blocked? How was that imagined in the game? Nothing is elaborated on this.

    The better, more intelligent way to set up the plot would be by putting the house in some time loop or something, so that for the outside world these 5 days would be few hours.
  3. In Topic: A comment on your games.

    Posted 6 Jun 2007

    So you are saying I have to play the WHOLE series in your FANCY proper way so I could say the plot in 5 Days a Stranger doesn't hold water? I repeat. The police can't get in the house?!?! For days?!?

    Anyway, I'm done. It's not like I wanted to debate with the fans of the series.
  4. In Topic: A comment on your games.

    Posted 3 Jun 2007

    I was rather restrained in my critique of the Trilby series, and with a reason, since overall I liked it, but did not love it.

    Anyway, is it a taboo in here to criticize Yahtzee's work?

    I made valid points. You choose to ignore them. Simply say you don't agree with me and my taste. Don't say crap about me making no valid points.

    And if I'm going to attack Yahtzee because of less or more founded and mature reasons, that will be obvious. I don't BULLSHIT. Ever.

    As for the pedophilia thread. I pretty much stand by the things I said there. Well, less aggressive, and with less spelling mistakes. I just have this view of life that people should be responsible for their choice, and raping a child is a choice. Anyway, don't want to start that discussion again in here.
  5. In Topic: A comment on your games.

    Posted 3 Jun 2007


    Look, you are obviously a die hard fan, a groupie, or whatever, of the series, and you can't accept my opinion as a valid one. It has to result from my "most stupid" way of playing the series, through which I "ruined" the most wonderful experience that the series provide. You most clearly belong to those who think that quality creative work, weather that is a movie, book or a computer game, can be "ruined" on some way. To me, that kind of work which can be ruined on some way is inferior to that which can't.

    My observations of the 5 Days A Stranger don't have nothing to do with the way I played the series, and the dislike of the plot in 6 Days A Sacrifice has nothing to do with the fact I didn't recognize certain characters and visions right away, but with my opinion of the overdone and somewhat pretentious plot. The readme files of 6 Day A Sacrifice has more than enough information for me to get the basic background information, so I wasn’t as oblivious as you are convinced I am.

    I like the directness and simplicity of the ODYSSEUS KENT much more than the entire Trilby series, despite the immensely larger effort that was put in the mentioned series.

    Anyway, you are forcing me to criticize the story the more I want so I'll stop.


    So only people who can do something better are allowed to criticize? That's preposterous.

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