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  1. Gum

    Posted 21 Aug 2004

    Because I have nothing better to do until 4pm.
  2. haha what ?_?

    Posted 21 Aug 2004

    I was driving a friend home earlier, and, when I went inside, I discovered that her step-brother is another good friend of mine. Has this happened to anyone else, or am I just stupid?
  3. Things vs Stuff

    Posted 17 Jul 2004

  4. A moment of confusion

    Posted 22 Jun 2004

    My dad, sister, and I went out to dinner with my grandmother. We were eating, and the manager or someone came up and asked how we were doing. I don't think my grandmother quite understood (her english is somewhat broken), and she told him that it was none of his business how our meal was, and that he should leave us alone. rolleyes.gif He wasn't sure how to react, of course, and he just stood there for a minute trying to figure out if she was joking or not. Finally, my father and I both said that the meal was fine and thanked him for asking. He was pretty shaken, but he intensified his plastic smile, nod/bowed, and kind of stumbled away. laugh.gif I felt sorry for him, but, at the same time, it was kind of cute. happy.gif
  5. Routine sets in anew

    Posted 21 Jun 2004

    Off I go into the next term of school in...30 minutes. It's also occurred to me that I don't have a book yet since the booklist has mysteriously disappeared from any retrievable place. I wonder if someone will complain since it's kind of unfair to expect us to psychically know what books to buy. huh.gif

    Valjean: Yes. It means I'm free.

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