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I became a FullyRamblo, after discovering Lne, through a link on 8-Bit, found from another link! That did take lots of clicking, yes.
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  1. Chyld's Visiting America!

    Posted 26 Jan 2011

    *deep breath, time to commit to this idea*

    So I'm officially so far up Kingdom of Loathing's arse these days, I'm actually planning to come to KoLCon in September. Only problem is, thay Arizona is almost on the other side of the world from London, and it seems a shame to spend hundreds of pounds travelling across the Atlantic to just get drunk, play board games, and watch MC Frontalot. So I'm planning to make a trip out of it.

    I haven't made any concrete plans yet (its hard for people to know what they're doing one evening in September, when even the folks organising KoLCon don't know when exactly its happening), but I'd like to get a rough idea what's going on. So I'm posting my very vague route map:

    This map?

    Very work in progress right now, I'm mainly interested in seeing if anyone is interested in having an insanely jetlagged Brit who was around once come get drunk with them, and possibly fall asleep on their sofa. You all know how to get hold of me if you do ;)
  2. Sundays

    Posted 17 Jan 2010




    (The last entry in Jacques' list, oddly prophetic. Also, I'm very bored.)
  3. And Another Thing...

    Posted 16 Aug 2009

    OK, this is really weird. They're making a sixth book in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series. Not the Salmon of Doubt, but a brand new one. This seems a bit difficult to me, based a.) all the protagonists being dead b.) the author being dead. I can't answer a.), but I can do b.).

    Has anyone read the Artemis Fowl series?

    So Eoin Colfer, the absolute master of crowbarring both Ireland and soft science into anything he does, is doing the next in a book series that, awesome though it is, is basically dead as Caesar. I have a very bad feeling this is going to ruin both Colfer and The Hikers series for me :(

    http://en.wikipedia.... ..._%28novel%29
  4. A Kingdom of Loathing Thread

    Posted 1 Jun 2009

    Years ago, I discovered KoL, and it was good. And then I stopped playing. And then I started playing again. And then I stopped playing again. And then I started playing again again. And it is good.

    Anyone still around here? Also, anyone still around here that's still playing KoL?

    EDIT: A link might have been helpful.
  5. Eurovision Song Contest

    Posted 11 May 2009

    People who've actually read anything Yahtzee wrote before setting off to Australia may remember how he used to run daily updates. And one of these about the Eurovision Song Contest. I'm not going to link to it, FR is still there, even if no-one cares. Basically, he said the only bit of it work watching was Terry Wogan's drunken, angry commentry, and also that "Terry Wogan will eventually die, and his part in the contest is one [he] was fucking BORN to play."

    And now Terry Wogan's stepping down. And being replaced by Graham bloody Norton.

    Now I'd rather stick spiders up my urethra than watch Graham Norton camping it up and taking the gimpy twats seriously, so I'm forcded to admit, the only way forward is to fly Yahtzee back to England, and get him to commentate it. He's shown he can get pissed and rip on things on the fly; just listen to any Australian Gamer podcast he's done.

    So everyone else in England; I am willing to stump up some money to get Yahtzee home, hire some hitmen to put the heat on Norton, but I'm unemployed. Who else is in?

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