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Topics I've Started

  1. Who wants to see what the Tall Man looks like

    Posted 30 Jan 2007

    I was digging around in some old sketches today and found this drawing I did of the Tall Man sans mask. If you would like to see it, bearing in mind that the character may lose some of his appealing mystique, and that his face is pretty fucked up, please scroll down.

    Last chance to reconsider, guy

    I'm willing to bet some of you were expecting me to post a picture of David Hasselhoff or something for a joke. Well, I didn't.
  2. The countdown - a series of text adventures

    Posted 3 Jan 2007

    Since I don't trust any bugger to read my front page anymore, I thought you should know I've released the first of three short text adventures that foreshadow the plot of 6DAS, for want of something to fill time while we wait for the finished product. Check the front page for details.
  3. 6DAS discussion and help

    Posted 18 Dec 2006

    This is the thread left open for discussion, bug reports and help requests for the new game, 6 Days A Sacrifice. No doubt David-Kyo will be quick to post an alternative thread for posting spoilers, so keep spoilers to a minimum here, gang.
  4. Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment

    Posted 24 Jul 2005

    In case you didn't notice, I posted my new game, Adventures in the Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment, on the front page, and I'm holding something of an open beta test. This thread is for discussion of same, as well as posting bugs and suggestions. That is all.
  5. Poseidon 12: The Beta Begins

    Posted 16 Dec 2004

    Here's the file, about 1MB in size:

    http://www. fullyramb...ames/

    No music or sound at this point. There's a manual in there if you need any help.

    Now, I'm not gonna lie to yez, this is kind of a pet project for me and I don't want too many bugs left in it when I release it properly, not like what happened with 7 Days. This is a very elaborately programmed game, so there are going to be bugs, and a lot of them, so if you want to beta test, I need you to beta test it HARD. Make it your beta test BITCH. Try everything you can, and save often; you never know when a bug will bring down the game.

    You play for one year, then get an ending depending on what you achieved, how far you advanced and who (if anyone) you managed to get married to. If you want to be a criminal, save even more often, because that's a very hazardous course of action.

    When and if you make it through to the end, please fill in the following format for my own reference and post in this topic:

    Career path: (Security, medsci or engineering)
    Your rank at end of game:
    Who you married (if anyone):
    Medals received (if any):
    Outcome of away missions:
    Any notable events:
    Your ending:

    Bugs found:
    Suggestions for better gameplay:

    I should note that I haven't actually played through the whole thing myself, because I have too much else to do and it's too boring when I know everything that happens in the game. So there could be a bug halfway through that's impossible to get past that I'm not aware of. Find anything like that, I'll try to fix it and upload a new version as soon as poss.

    Thanks in advance to everyone who takes part. Once the official version gets released I'll tack on some beta testing credits.

    16/12/04 - v1.1, hopefully got rid of Engineering bug and added second OK button to job report screen
    17/12/04, 1:36pm - v1.1.1, fixed the cinema event bug (hopefully) and a couple of other little tweaks
    20:46pm - v1.1.2, fixed bribery bug
    18/12/04, 8:02am - v1.1.3, fixed a bunch of event bugs, and rejoice, for it is now possible to have sex with people.
    19:45pm - v1.1.4, fixed bookreading displacement bug, hopefully, split the promotion email into two strings.
    19/12/04, 6:39am - v1.1.5, fixed shower/gym disappearance bug
    8:29am - v1.1.6, fixed document smuggling operation
    9:49am - v1.2.0, made several changes in gameplay
    20/12/04, 12:16pm - v1.2.1, fixed steroid/learning drug bug, changed settings for multiple inv items, fixed bar bug, increased cost of berth upgrades
    21/12/04, 2:09pm - v1.2.2, fixed gender switch murder bug, fixed 'feeling better' murder bug, altered 'caught' message
    22/12/04, 8:31am - v1.3, numerous gameplay changes to prevent superfast advancement
    23/12/04, 11:48am - v1.3.1, removed Event item in favour of a variable
    24/12/04, 3:20pm - v1.3.2, some minor changes, refused date bug fixed, events now occur while in the brig
    2/1/05, 6:05pm - v1.3.3, fixed mission 1 bug
    4/1/05, 8:50am - v1.3.4, fixed a bunch of minor niggles
    8/1/05, 8:08am - v1.3.5, made maximum brig sentence 30 days, fixed mission 1 bug
    10/1/05, 7:57am - v1.3.6, made hacking tools only work once a day

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