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  1. In Topic: Trilby and the Ghost

    Posted 8 Mar 2008

    Reworded it a bit.
  2. In Topic: Trilby and the Ghost

    Posted 8 Mar 2008

    And I don't get the part about all the deaths in the beginning, were those Greg? Greg doesn't seem the manevolent sort of spirit. Morose, maybe, but not particularly violent or dangerous...I can't help but wonder if Trilby got the right ghost.

    The deaths referred to were the deaths that occurred when the estate burnt down. Greg was one of those. Greg didn't kill anyone. The fire was an accident.
  3. In Topic: Fangames

    Posted 21 Nov 2007

    QUOTE (nfyre @ Nov 21 2007, 08:41 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    Are fangames of the chzo mythos series allowed if the graphics are independently made, and the storyline original?
    Or are the characters copywrited or something?

    All the games are freeware so people can do anything they like with them. Do a fangame if you must. Personally I prefer to make up my own stories.
  4. In Topic: 1213

    Posted 3 Nov 2007

    He got them from an incident wherein he beat an orderly to within an inch of his life on the way to the obstacle course. This is also the explanation for the bloodstains on his chest. The event made the station administrator further convinced of 1213's unsuitability for use in the field and bolstered Westbury's frustration at the station's bureaucracy. It's revealed at the start of Episode 3 when Westbury laments 1213's unpredictable nature constantly ruining his credibility.
  5. In Topic: I met Yahtzee

    Posted 28 Oct 2007

    We didn't win.

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