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  1. Lord of the Rings by George Lucas

    Posted 8 Sep 2006

    has anyone seen this spoof on youtube, its pretty
    funny although it makes fun of Lucas.

    http://www. youtube.c...h?v=lv4Potdpjhw
  2. Jedi Afterlife Question.

    Posted 8 Jul 2006

    Based off of what Yoda stated at the very end of ROTS of Qui-Gon
    learning immortality, if Qui-Gon was the first then why didn't he disappear?

    If was never explained in AOTC or ROTS, it appeared to have been glossed over
    like a mere afterthought at the end of Episode 3. Does anyone know why Yoda and
    Kenobi vanished but not Qui-Gon?

    And if it had to be taught then how did Anakin learn?
  3. Anakin/Vader's Darkside Seduction

    Posted 7 Jul 2006

    I was just curious as to how you all originally envisioned it going
    based purely off the things mentioned in the Original trilogy. I originally pictured
    a jedi knight seeking more power to explore his potential and to gain greater
    prominence, a knight with good intentions on making the jedi order stronger and thought
    he could resist the temptation of the darkside, but underestimated its power and became a
    slave to the one he sought out to learn it.

    I always pictured the darkside as a drug, and it leaves its user wanting more, to the point
    he is willing to sacrifice all moral judgement and turn on his friends to obtain it, but instead
    its like Anakin was tricked into joining Palpatine, never seduced, and Lucas makes Anakin
    look more like an impetuous fool rather than a tragic hero.

    The problem I had with Anakin doing it for Padme is that this plot point
    stops dead in its tracks and its never mentioned ever again. Did Vader have any
    real interest in learning the secret to sustain life after Padme's death? Was it all a
    lie by Palpatine? and if he did, then this would have really caused a rift between the two.

    The entire reason for Vader turning to the darkside is never explored or resolved. That, quite frankly, is bad form by Lucas. For me, Lucas clearly struggled with Anakin's turn to the darkside. He came up with an idea that may have succeeded in telling us how and why Anakin was seduced by Palpatine, but this is never followed up. This rather important plot segment, which, let's face it, is central to the entire PT, is just discounted as soon as its goal (of Anakin turning to the dark-side) is achieved. This makes it, by definition, nothing more than a classic example of a MacGuffin.
  4. Did Plageuis Create Anakin or was it the Force?

    Posted 19 Feb 2006

    In ROTS Palpatine hints to Anakin that Darth Plageuis manipulated
    the midichlorians to create and preserve life and since Palpatine didn't
    learn this special power that would mean Anakin originated with Plageuis.

    So was Anakin created by the will of the Force or did Plageuis purposely use
    his knowledge of the Force to create him?

    The sith knew it was inevitable and thought in trying to take hold of the prophecy they could control the outcome themselves. So, they created Anakin in trying to control their own destiny.

    Anakin would therefore need to be created before Plaguis died, so shouldn't Anakin
    be older than Darth Maul? Maul was taken by Sidious as an infant and this is AFTER Sidious
    kills his master and since Palpatine didn't learn the secret he couldn't have possibly created Anakin. If however the force created Anakin then why are so many assuming that Anakin is the creation of the Sith, better yet why is it even hinted in ROTS.

    I just wanted to know if anyone could answer this, because it doesn't make any sense.

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