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  1. In Topic: 'The Clone Wars' Leaked Trailer

    Posted 23 May 2008

    I'm sure the drool is ankle-deep over there. The level of crap that the "real Star Wars fans" at TFN will accept has always amazed me. Lucas could have made a show about a Jawa with a peg-leg running a pizza parlor out of his garage and those fanboys would still be jumping for joy.

    The sad thing is that its the honest truth. Rabid fanboys ceased expecting more of Lucas
    and this series to the point that they will literally accept anything as long as there is a Star
    Wars logo on it. Its actually pathetic now.

    QUOTE (Commodore @ May 13 2008, 01:32 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    The trailer has now been officially released, with much fanfare:

    http://www.starwars. com/

    More clones! More explosions! More lightsabers! More garbled speeches from Yoda! More pointless aliens! More wacky vehicles! More gadgets! More blatant references to the OT! More R2 and 3PO antics! Now in 100% CGI! Less plot guaranteed, or your money back!



  2. In Topic: Lord of the Rings by George Lucas

    Posted 23 Sep 2006

    QUOTE (barend @ Sep 12 2006, 01:37 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    although it makes fun of lucas???

    eh... yeah... we have a real problem with that here. wink.gif

    laugh.gif Good point laugh.gif
  3. In Topic: Lord of the Rings by George Lucas

    Posted 10 Sep 2006

    I loved the appearance of the other actors in there, especially the way they were characterized - Viggo Mortenson and Christopher Lee were my favorites, the only ones wondering what the hell was going on!

    I especially liked the part about the blue screen and making their bodies blue to cgi the clothes was hilarious as well.

    Azrael23, if you see anything else like this, please don't hesitate to post it!

    You can bet, I will do just that laugh.gif
  4. In Topic: Why ROTS is considered the best of the PT?

    Posted 25 Jul 2006

    I watched ROTS yesterday and after having watched it at least 50 times beforehand, agree that it was a horrible movie. I mean really, when I first saw it and then watched it all those times on DVD I thought it was absolutely marvelous. After I watched it the other night in an effort to study and comprehend it, well... I find it to be an absolute blasphemy upon the OT.

    Thats exactly how I felt about ROTS, I mean its good eye candy and it has alot more action
    than the previous two films had. Alot of deluted fanboys automatically thought that just
    because this film had more action, Lucas was redeemed, but that was far from the case,
    because at a point were the audience is suppose to care for the characters, they simply don't because they have zero depth and are for the main part very boring.

    My main problems is with Anakin, the entire PT was to be dedicated to telling the story of Anakin and his becoming Darth Vader. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! !! Lets say that the PT was created before the OT and I was to watch it in that line, I would have zero respect for Darth Vader in the OT as Anakin in the PT truly was nothing worth one movie let alone three. Best case scenario, GL ONLY shows Anakin after he succumbs to the dark side.

    I find it strange that Lucas would make the entire Saga soley about Anakin, I mean he would
    like people to think it was his story and while the PT makes it clear that it was Anakin's story
    that is not the case regarding the OT, Vader is seen as a pretty straight forward villian, there
    is no conflict within him. Lucas claims that the OT is suppose to be about Anakin's redemption
    but he isn't redeemed until the final moments of ROTJ.

    ROTS just plain did not make sense in any way shape or form. So the "Sith" are the sworn enemy of the Jedi, correct? In AOTC you get the feeling that Anakin would do anything to defeat and kill Dooku, yet in ROTS he hesitates and questions eliminating him. He has to be told to do so by Palpatine, THEN when he discovers that Palpatine is the Sith Lord he hesitates and questions eliminating him as well even though if is felt that he knows he should.

    It was strange that Anakin was hesitant to kill Dooku, he did have a motive and it would have
    been a great way to show is fall by the fact he wanted revenge and was out for blood. I just
    find it strange that he is hesitant on the people he should kill but doesn't flinch with the
    people he has no reason to kill at all.

    Lucas did a fine job in showing us how much of a hyprocrite Anakin was. Anakin always
    comments on what is and what's not the Jedi way, yet he goes on random killing sprees
    gets married and lives an entire lie, so its not as if he is the ideal Jedi. He feels that
    Palpatine should stand trial despite the fact that he beheaded Dooku without trial.
    Palpatine was afterall behind all the events in the prequels.

    Many things in ROTS made no sense and everything was rushed. Lucas had
    to force things that didn't fit and now there are many inconsistencies.
  5. In Topic: Anakin/Vader's Darkside Seduction

    Posted 19 Jul 2006

    The prequels could never have had the black/ white good/ evil dichotimy of the OT. They needed to have shades of grey. I agree with Lucas on that. For Anakin to be a "good man" but still go over to the dark side, he had to make his choice for a reason the audience could understand and even admire him for. That meant Palpatine could never be 100% evil and the Jedi's, or Obi Wan's group, 100% pure.

    I don't mind the grey areas either, but Lucas never depicted Anakin as a "good man" Sure he
    was a helpful kid, but he grew into an arrogant emotionally unstable young man and then into a murderous traitor. In AOTC Padme marries this man despite not having a reason to even love him and the audience apparently doesn't connect to him either. So throughout the Prequels we don't see how a good man turns over to the darkside, we see an arrogant selfish jerk side with someone else all for selfish reasons, so Anakin turning to the darkside should have been expected from the start. There is nothing admirable about Anakin's character whatsoever nor his turning to the DS.

    I posited the "Emperor's daughter" idea because its a simple idea that gives Anakin an understandable reason to turn to the dark side. The idea of a civil war in the Republic, or among the jedi, and the audience isn't sure which faction is right, is more complicated but could have worked. Again, Lucas gave us a civil war where Palpatine was controlling both sides, which is insane.

    Now that would have been an alternative, but since Padme isn't related to Palpatine then we
    should have been given more a better reason for Anakin's turn. Infact I had hoped that
    Anakins descent towards the darkside had nothing to do with a woman, but more of a politcal
    and social reason. I had the impression that Anakin/Vader would have been to driven in other
    aspects of his life rather than be tied down by a wife. I would have preferred if Vader's
    children was the result of a one night stand or perhaps a former lover he parted ways with
    because he wanted to pursue more politcal power.

    "Stop everything! Nobody will care! Come on people. Now we need to do the Volcano duel by the greenscreen and we'll all be done!"

    laugh.gif That and the Yoda and Sidious duel laugh.gif Judging by how rushed ROTS was I would
    say that is pretty accurate. From the birth and naming of the twins, from Vader being placed
    in the suit still raw and the Leia/Padme plot-hole.

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