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X days series some possible ideas spoilers

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Posted 10 July 2010 - 08:51 PM

I've read through the posts throughout the board that relate to the story behind the x days series and i have a few suggestions

AJ was not actually a government agent as the cast of 5 days believes. A government agent would carry id for only one agency would he not. the only type of person who would carry multiple id's was someone attempting to imitate different government agents such as a hunter like depicted in the tv series supernatural. It would explain many of the mysterious things about AJ. Why he is there (to try and slay the wraith), his mysterious past (he refuses to give out information which is standard practice for hunters), why he gets so freaked out (because he realises that he is out of his depth (wow that ironic since you find him in a pool)) and such. If he HAS to be a government agent then due to the large variety of ID's i'd say he works for that secret agency that all paranoid people think exists

The whole New prince thing
As discussed in just about every 6 days thread why does Chzo create the new prince and what explains the old prince's actions.
The old prince was the druid trying to summon Chzo after which he was against his will bound to the tree for eternal torment. This explains the prince's rebellious actions and such as he is not acting as Chzo's tool at all times. The new prince however is properly 'broken' three times making him a more acceptable prince. You never see him in action but it is likely that he is completely subservient to Chzo given his brainwashing as evident when you control him.

And Chzo's role in all this was he knew that the old prince would not remain loyal but instead used him to bring him the new prince at which point he replaces him with a more subservient obedient servant.

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Posted 11 July 2010 - 01:42 AM

If you play with the commentary on it will answer all your questions. But I thought your idea about the new prince was exactly why Chzo wanted a new prince, he was no longer giving him pain for being his prince so long and he was also going against Chzo's orders to save himself.

And I just played 5 Days and completely forgot what AJ exactly was.

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