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Excerpt from Mogworld

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Posted 13 October 2010 - 04:44 AM

Well, how good exactly is it? I got around to reading that preview and it doesn't seem like it could be my kinda stuff. I get the references even without being a huge MMOR_- ehh fuck it, RPG nerd, but the comedic value seems low and the story just might be headed into that sort of ending that leaves me thinking "Nyeh, okay, the story stopped, boring."

So yeah, I won't be reading it but I'd like to read your detailed opinion of it. 'cause you're a cynic and I'm a sucker for cynical opinions. Also I'm bored.


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Posted 05 November 2010 - 09:45 AM

Haven't been around much lately, I've read the whole thing a while ago and calmed down, so if you're still interested in my opinion of it, then here goes.

The characters are all right, although the main character's called Jim yet again, and his personality is very much similar to his old namesakes. Well, can't blame Yahtzee on this front, seeing as though this is his first published book, I guess he can use characters and ideas from the unpublished ones. The guy fiercely opposes the idea of becoming a hero, and he becomes one in the process, but we've heard that many times already haven't we.

The way Yahtzee handles the female characters is still somewhat clumsy I think, as they're rather one-dimensional. When they aren't, they come across as a bit... forced. Can't recall the undead chick's name, I really wanted to smack her in the face whenever she opened that mouth of hers (I know she was made annoying on purpose, but as Yahtzee himself once said, deliberately annoying is still annoying).

The jokes are usually funny (I especially liked the chatlogs of the game developers), some of them fall flat, but those were in minority. The whole momurpuger players viewed by a self-aware npc-thing is thankfully not that overdone as I thought it would be. However, the story is very drawn out, and the pacing was off at times. You figure out what's going on quite early on, but the main characters (understandably) don't, and you sit there patiently waiting for them to finally get on with it. There are quite a few very dramatic scenes, and the ending is done very well.

Apart from my issue with the pacing and the fact that the characters were awfully familiar, I enjoyed it quite a lot, but as you say, you'd probably go "Yup, that's something he'd write."

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