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Idjit still enunciating about expired addict urgh

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Posted 11 September 2009 - 12:38 PM


So, yeah, Courtney Love is complaining that Kurt appears in Guitar Hero 5. She apparently even took her bitching to twitter. Fantastic. The surviving members of Nirvana are also whining, probably because they didnt get any money out of the deal. I think in making Kurt Cobain some kind of Martyred Saint and canonizing his image, (and also whoring it out for every dollar possible, as Courtney Love did when she signed the damned contract to let him appear in the game shes now whining about) I think that in making him so holy now he's been dead for a decade we're forgetting that he was just a fucked up guy who could make some good music about being fucked up and getting fucked up. The dude called Weird Al Yankovic to say he loved the parody of teen spirit (so do I!) but we're supposed to think it'd be against his religion to appear in a video game? Kurt Cobain had a sense of humor and image, and I doubt he'd mind seeing that image carry on after him. Too bad his image is now licensed out by idiots.


I don't know about you but I have never advocated that homosexuals, for any reason, be cut out of their mother's womb and thrown into a bin.
- Deucaon toes a hard line on gay fetus rights.

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