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78 Reasons to hate episode The Phantom Menace #79 (Actually this is #1 for me)

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Posted 10 August 2009 - 09:53 AM

At one point Jar Jar informs the Jedi that his city is underwater. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan decide to pay it a visit to Boss Nass and his huge undersea city.

They pull out their JUBA's and dive into a small goon. a LAGOON!!!!! You can see the bank on the other side!!!!

At a swimming speed of 2-3 MPH it would take them sometime to swim all the way to the ocean.

Even if they were right on the ocean, or there was an undersea cavern in the lagoon, the Boss Nass's city would have had to been ridiculously close. Even if it was ridiculously close, say within 200 miles, that would days to reach by swiming. That's like someone in Miami deciding to visit Cuba, and chooses swimming with a breather as a means of transportation.

Even if someone gave them a lift, swimming is so slow it would take days to cross any sort of sizeable city.

Now for the topper.

To get to the fight, the quickest way is through the planets core. They dropped the robot army close enough to encroach on the Naboo city at a leisurely 10-15 miles per hour (or how ever fast they were going). It couldn't have been to far from the drop site. Even if it was hundreds of miles. To get back, why didn't they just go the way they came, rather than going through the center of the planet?

That is like swimming from Miami to Cuba, then to get back, going through the planet's core and winding up in China or Austrailia.

OK last thing. At least they take a submarine this time instead of swimming back. It appears to move at somewhere around 30mph, give or take.

The Earth is 7,926 miles in diameter. Since the gravitation is the same, it has to be at least in the same ballpark size-wise. And, they don't have a direct route like a man-made tube, They are taking winding trip through caverns (back roads instead of a freeway)

But lets be generous. Let's say that the route was mostly direct, and the planet was smaller than Earth, say about 6,000 miles in diameter. In a 30mph sub that would take 200 hours. Even if they manned the wheel continously, we are talking 4 weeks. In that little bitty sub, where do they eat? Where do they go to the bathroom?

Even if the sub was somehow equipped for all that, 4 weeks later, the fight would have been over.

The bottom dollar is that Lucas and team totally missed or ignored any smeblance of distance or logistics.

Some exaggeration would have been fine, but this is totally ignorant.

"We're going to put JUBA breathers in our mouths and swim to the undersea city" - give me a break

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Posted 11 August 2009 - 02:22 AM

... Yeah, but ... there were big fish! Future science! The Force! It's only a movie!

Hyuck Hyuck. Welcome to the forums (or as my friend Lisa would insist, fora). Where were you nine years ago?
"I had a lot of different ideas. At one point, Luke, Leia and Ben were all going to be little people, and we did screen tests to see if we could do that." -George Lucas, in STAR WARS: the Annotated Screenplays (p197).

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