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Snakes On A Vehicle Review and more!

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Posted 27 July 2009 - 12:30 AM

I've just bought a little film you guys might have heard of involving some snakes that get onto a certain vehicle I've been on once or twice. Not gunna name names here. But yeah, I got a copy and I'll be watching it very scientifically to squeeze all the shite out of it.

Other shite films I've watched recently and subjected Chris to inclide:

Boogeyman, which features some very interesting camera work, just the camera has nothing to show since the director is obsessed with staring contests and doors and banality.

DeathRace, like the guys from Shawshank Redemption got a little too into Mario Cart.

The Pacifier. This movie actually surprised me in that it was not as awful as it might have been and made me laugh intentionally once or twice.

Also the Nerf firefly and vulcan are both very sweet guns, though the vulcan is ridonculously priced. Nerf swords hurt, but not as bad as the scaxaflag that Rachael built.


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