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Hoary Hare Hoarder Gets Hers

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Posted 03 July 2009 - 11:22 PM


So, yeah, an apparent rabbit fetishist/obsessist was captured in a hotel room with about a dozen rabbits, and she was on parole for being found years back to have over 150 rabbits in her home, many of them dead and frozen.

The conditions of her parole banned her from being around bunnies, which I think should be a condition more frequent in parole. She didnt seem to care though... However after a mental evaluation it was determined that she did not need any sort of mental help. I beg to differ. Heres the fuill story:
Ore. woman obsessed with bunnies back in jail

47-year-old who neglected hundreds of rabbits found hiding more in hotel

Miriam Sakewitz, who was arrested in 2007 with more than 250 rabbits in squalid conditions, has been arrested again.

PORTLAND, Ore. - An Oregon woman obsessed with bunnies has been ordered back behind bars after police found her in a hotel room with more than a dozen rabbits.

Washington County Circuit Judge Gayle Nachtigal ruled Thursday that 47-year-old Miriam Sakewitz violated her probation by having the rabbits. The judge sentenced the woman to 90 days in the county jail.

Police arrested Sakewitz June 16 after she called a maintenance worker to her room in the Portland suburb of Tigard to fix a broken television set. The worker saw and smelled the rabbits, some of them hopping free.

The woman's legal problems began in 2006, when Hillsboro police found more than 150 rabbits in her home and dozens more bunny bodies in freezers. She was arrested on accusations of animal neglect. After pleading no contest, she was placed on five years probation, with one condition being that she stay away from rabbits.

Tigard Police spokesman Jim Wolf said Washington County animal control officers removed eight adult rabbits, five young ones and a dead one from the hotel room in the latest incident.

Washington County probation officer Bob Severe said Sakewitz had undergone a court-ordered mental evaluation but that no treatment was recommended.

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