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Privacy conerns

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Posted 16 August 2006 - 11:12 PM

From what you say, you should have nothing to worry about. Just delete the photos that promonantly show off their house and if you get a chance just show them the pictures that you do have. After they see that there are none of their fiddly bits on film they should back off.

If that doesn't work, invite them over and show them that even at the highest zoom nothing should be visible.

The 'How do you know I'm using my camera, are YOU spying on me?", while a good point, should not be your main point. It'd make you look bad.

Good luck with all that, from the pics you've posted it seems like you live in a really beautiful place. Hate to not be able to see it anymore due to some overzealous, paranoid, asswipes.
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