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Sub-forum rules. Pretty self explanitory.

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Posted 24 January 2006 - 08:45 PM

Well, let's start with the rules... I nicked borrowed these from the basic rules list in Chefelf's office.

QUOTE Night Life Forum Rules
[v. 1.1]

The internet is a place full of touchy idiots. (No offense!) Given this fact, please refrain from typing in all capital letters. If you post in all capitals, some bossy know-it-all will be bound to comment and tell you to "stop shouting." If for no other reason, refrain from
using capitals simply to save us from that guy.

Please do not flame any user for any reason. If you disagree with another user, then simply voice your difference in opinion and state your case intelligently. Calling that user a "Nasty Wastrel" will not solve your dispute. Flaming other members could result in a temporary or permanent ban on your account. Penalty is at the moderators' discretion.

Retaliation Flaming
If you are flamed and offended by what another user has said about you, please do not retaliate: just report any flame to a moderator. Retaliation will viewed the same way as flaming.

Debating and discussion are great things. If you wish to discuss or debate something there are a number of forums that exist for your pleasure. If you do wish to debate, please refrain from using personal attacks. The correct response to "George W. Bush is doing a good job," is not, "Well, you're a poopy-pants face." That is avoiding the real issue, and is perhaps a sign that you are not cut out for serious debate. If this is the case, you may want to consider returning to your schoolyard where you were once the kickball champion.

User Accounts
Each forum member is allowed one account. While we want everyone to join in a fun, healthy discussion here, we don't want people doing it with themselves. If you wish to write dialogue between two different people then we suggest taking up playwriting as a hobby. Forum staff reserves the right to close one or all of a user's multiple account based on that particular case.

User Names
The friendly Night Life staff reserves the right to close any user account for any reason. We also reserve the right to change any user name for any reason. Things that could get your user name changes/removed can include:

User name too long.
Keep them respectable. There's no set rule for how long they can be. If your name will consist of multiple words, please use spaces between them to avoid throwing off the forum's dimensions.

Offensive Names
This is obvious. Please don't insult other users or use offensive language in your user name.

Impersonating Other Users
User names that are obvious insults to other users will be changed or your account closed. Names that attempt to impersonate other users will also be closed.

Ignoring Users
If there is a particular member that you just can't stand, we would recommend you take full advantage of the "Ignore User" feature. Rather than starting endless fights with a particular user, ignoring him or her is a much better way of dealing with disagreements. We also know that no one will read this or follow this rule under any circumstances and that flaming will undoubtedly go on as usual, however, it's fun to write it all down, isn't it?


Quoting Other Sources
Please do not cut and paste text from other sites. If you wish to quote small snippets of text (while citing the source), please do, but full articles should be linked to with a URL. This will avoid dragonman696969 from claiming he wrote an article that appears on

Do not post links to any sites deemed inappropriate. This includes (but is not limited to):

Warez Sites
Defined as any site that exists for the purposes of sharing or distributing illegal or copyrighted software (aka warez), viruses, licenses, registration information, software keys, "cracks" or other information designed to do harm to or allow unlawful access to any computer hardware, software, networks or any other systems. If you wish to pirate software, games, music or hack into military computers then we wish you the best of luck. Without you, the world would be a
more boring place and movies like Hackers and Sneakers wouldn't exist. However, do so on your own time and don't discuss it here.

Pornographic Sites
This site is frequented by people of all ages and therefore links to inappropriate sites are not allowed. If you would like to enjoy some pornography on your own, then by all means, get to it! But please don't link to any of these sites. The last thing we want is the word "chefelf" bringing up "bum love muffins" on Google.

Racist/Hate Sites
Everyone is entitled to their opinions about which race is superior or inferior,but we'd just rather not be involved in directing Google traffic to

Posting Images (Maximum Image Size)
Posting images is perfectly welcome here (provided they follow the rest of the forum rules). However, if you are posting an image, please make sure it has a maximum width of 500 pixels. Anything larger than that will throw off the forum's dimensions. If you are unsure of how to adjust images or do not wish to you may post a URL link to the image instead.

Finally, moderators make the final decision as to whether the image or URL you've linked to is appropriate or not. Moderators reserve the right to edit your post to keep everything happy and joyous.

The language for this forum appears to be English. The English language has a lot of colorful words like "Charleston Chew" and "gargantuan." However, some words are offensive to others. While we're pretty lax about it, we reserve the right to edit any post that has potentially offensive words. "Dropping F-bombs" will most likely be let go, but please do not abuse the right we all have to come here and swear.


Spamming & Referrals
Please do not post referral URLs of any kind. Cleverly disguising these referrals as helpful links will not be tolerated at all. Don't get us wrong, it's VERY clever, but our crack team of people who have been online for longer than six minutes will be able to see through your ploy. Also, no pyramid schemes. Pyramids are gullible and we feel they should not be taken advantage of. Enterpeneurship is a wonderful thing and we wish you the best in all of your sketchy endeavours, but not here.

Please do not bump posts for the sheer joy of bringing an old topic back to the forefront. If the topic is still relevant, that is fine, but please do not resurrect dead topics simply to be cute. If you have something relevant to add to an older discussion, of course, you should. But if you're bumping for the sheer humor of it, please don't. While you may find it endlessly amusing to present a topic posted over a year ago as brand new, it is actually not amusing in any way. Others
before you have been refining this art for years, but so far it has not proven itself any funnier than veterinanary surgery.

Flooding may be regarded as spamming. While you may feel it is okay to post a new topic about Ian McDiarmid every minute, on the minute, for twenty minutes straight, it may be regarded as an abuse on the forums.

Ahh, trolls. Every forum has 'em, why should this place be any different? We find it cute that you think enough of to want to come here and drum up some attention for yourself. (No, really, it's adorable!) But please be advised that anyone found to be trolling will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of law. That could include having your membership card revoked, and we could seize your property, including any livestock and land you may own. Being burned at the stake is also popular. Please consider yourself warned.

Making personal threats against another member (even if not serious) will not be tolerated. Depending on the situation your account will be temporarily or permanently banned on the first offense. You will be permanently banned on the second offense.

All abuse issues extend to include the PM or email systems as well. If users are being harrassed or threatened using the PM or email system, the offending users will be dealt with accordingly.


Moderators have the right to remove any text or image from your signature or avatar at their discretion. We'd prefer not to edit users' signatures, but if we feel they are too big, too small, too pretentious, too colorful, offensive, jejune, etc., they may be removed or edited.

General Sig/Avatar Guidelines:

Keep it Short
While you may love that six-paragraph quote from René Descartes, it may be a little much to put in your signature. If you have anything lengthy, try posting a link to it rather than cramming it all in your signature. Nothing is more annoying than reading a post that says, "Yes, I agree" and then having to flip through three pages of The Brothers Karamazov before you get to the next post.

Keep it Clean
The same rules that apply in the forums apply for sigs and avatars. Please refrain from posting potentially offensive text or images in your sig or avatar. You may think that the girl with the nice boobs has some nice boobs (heck, you may even be right), but please remember that not everyone wants to see said boobs. We have to respect that, even if we don't understand it.

Clearly, I was too lazy to select certain parts out. I also obviously can't control your avatar or profile.
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