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If Geogre Lucas had directed ESB and ROTJ... Feel free to add more.

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Posted 18 July 2005 - 09:32 AM

If George Lucas had directed ESB and ROTJ...


1. During the battle of Hoth after the AT-AT topples sideways it would have knocked into the one next to it creating a hilarious domino effect across the snow. Then the last one to fall would have landed on the foot of the AT-ST and the AT-ST would start to limp.

2. When Artoo is eaten by the swamp monster on Dagobah it would have burped and then hiccupped before spitting him out.

3. Cloud City would have been orbiting Tatooine

4. Vader would have reached his arm out to Luke on the walkway in Cloud City and said - “Luke I am your father. And Leia’s your sister. Oh yeah and I built your droid, killed your mother and used to talk trash about Yoda behind his back.”

5. After hearing this rain would begin to fall and the camera would crane up as Luke raised his fists to the sky and screamed “Noooooooooooooooooooooo!”


1. On the skiff when Boba Fett points his gun toward Luke, Luke would have cut off Boba Fett’s hand.

2. Then Three-pio would say “Thank goodness! He looks ‘armless now.” Then Boba Fett would get mad and Three-pio would say “Just like his father always losing his head.”

3. When Luke returns to Dagobah he would have found Yoda in bed with Chewbacca having good relations.

4. On Endor when Luke gives himself up and suggests Vader that he could resist the Emperor Vader would say “Really? You think so? Okay then.” Then Vader would join the Rebels.

5. In the battle above Endor there would have been an Ewok general piloting one of the capital ships.

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