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If you could change the WORLD!

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Posted 15 July 2005 - 10:34 PM

I realised, after I stepped out of the theater at almost three in the morning that slightly warm May morning, that Star Wars as I had known it was over... but I wasn't satisfied, and after reading thse forums, my stomcach was uneasy.... Lucas had screwed up something almost un screw-up-able!!!
And in my head, I started to create my own prequel trilogy (and I'm sure many of you have, too)
So, if you had to change the entire PT, including names, characters, plot holes, scripts... how would you do it? If you would at all, I've already compiled my list and'll post it later....

I would really like to know...?


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Posted 15 July 2005 - 11:14 PM

I'd get the Batman Begins team together and have them do the PT. They had a story that everyone assumed was common knowledge, used effects to compliment that story, and had the characters fleshed out doing things.

Dump the campiness and treat the matter with the seriousness it deserves. General Grievous could have been a badass, instead of an annoying wastepaper basket discard concept.

Push the boundaries, make all the flicks PG-13 at least, maybe the last one an R, maybe some Natalie Portman nudity, with her in the Jabba's captor duds.

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Posted 16 July 2005 - 11:41 AM

Ugh,This has been brought up a lot.

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Posted 16 July 2005 - 12:27 PM

Someone could make an entire forum about it. In fact, they should.
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Posted 16 July 2005 - 10:35 PM

If I could change the PT it would go something like this:

The Phantom Menace- Ep. 1

Opening Crawl:
For a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights have kept peace in the galaxy, but their presence has faded. War has broken out in the Galaxy as several hundred systems have left the Republic and begun amassing huge droid armies.

The Republic’s militias have been dispatched throughout the galaxy, and the weary Jedi Knights have been called upon to ensure peace, but these Separatist’s droid armies have resisted all efforts.

In a daring move, a Separatist army has blockaded the small Republic planet of Alderaan, and has kidnapped its senator. Two Jedi Knights have been called upon to rescue the senator and bring peace to the small planet….

1. We begin with a massive space battle (like in Ep. 3) Of course Obi-wan and Anakin who is almost fully trained, are going to save the senator who is Bail Organa.
2. Massive battle ect…..
3. Finally they blast their way on to the ship where he’s being held, of course they are with other soldiers, not alone.. It is innercut with scenes of the bad guy Darth Maul watching the Jedi in the background seeing as he is the “Phantom Menace”
4. They find the senator, much like ep. 4, where Luke says I’m Luke skywalker I’m here to rescue you… Accept Anakin does it… very foreshadowing hmmm..
5. They get captured and are brought before the Viceroy, who in this film is not a oriental coward!
6. They get into a fight ect.. ect… the ship’s blowing up… I don’t know, one of the droids blasted the main reactor or something during the fight…
7. They (Bail and Obi and anni) get into a escape pod and plummet to alderaan much like… you guessed it! Ep. 4
8. They land in the swamps… We learn more about Bail, Obi, and Anni…. Bail wants Obi and anni to help him save the queen, Annakin is not happy about this! This wasn’t part of the mission….
9. Bail convinces the two to help on his journey seing as the queen could possibly be important to their cause..
10. They come upon a creature known as Jar Jar Binks in the swamps.. He was a Gungan general who was kicked out because he was seen with humans (Gungans hate them…side story)
11. Jar Jar, who is a kinda Han Solo type character says he’ll help him for some money… They all agree, and they hop into Jar Jar’s bongo… he’s a great pilot second only to anni… just kidding…
12. They arrive in the capital city and find the queen and save her..
13. Of course there are problems seeing as there is a blockade of the planet… Obi and Anni are split up and Anni/Jar Jar’s ship gets damage on the way out
14. Obi goes to courascaunt with Bail, while Anni is forced to got to Tatooine (old home) with Queen Padme…for repairs of course…
15. Jar Jar angry..he didn’t sign up for this while anni and padme aren’t getting along (on the outside, but inside well…hmmm…)
16. All this time, is inner cut with Maul getting angry with his generals/viceroy gunray…
17. Obi makes contact with annakin who tells him the situation (they’re stuck on the planet), annakin decides to go to the town nearby to pick up some parts….
18. Maul tracks annakin and padme and goes after them.. himself..
19. seeing as they have no money, annakin decides to use an old trick old ben taught him, go to a nearby bar filled with galactic scum and see if you can find a “useful” guy to help you out..
20. Meanwhile the senates all screwed up and the Jedi are angry cus the senate doesn’t trust them… the Jedi are entering “dark times”
21. Annakin finds a guy named Sebulba, who will pay him enough for the parts he needs, if he races his pod for him… Annakin agrees, this should be interesting
22. As night rolls along on Tatooine, Anni and Padme/Jar Jar must find a place to sleep, they do in an abandoned apartment…
23. Annakin and Padme talk..(oh great…) they kiss… and they go to sleep (NOT TOGETHER!) we find out a lot about Padme/Anakin, great character set up…. Or whatever
24. Annakin and Padme are falling in love… Time for the pod race anni wins
25. Turns out Sebulba betted against anni thinking that no human can win a pod race, too bad he didn’t know Anakin’s a Jedi Knight
26. Sebulba has no money, but Anakin who gets a little “angry” from time to time influences him by getting his saber out… he almost kills sebulba, but he gets the money!
27. as they head back to the ship, reapir it, Maul shows up and he’s pretty pissed…. Ankin only escapes alive by jumping on the ship in time… This is getting interesting…
28. Padme is worried for Anakin they kiss again!
29. Back to Courauscaunt… Padme’s worried ‘bout her people who supposedly are being killed massively, and Anakin’s torn…he wants to help, but…
30. Meanwhile, the Jedi counsil which is comprised of five members (Yoda, Mace, Qui-Gon..ect… NOT YADDLE) are arguing over this Dark Jedi – Now I decided for the sake of not introducing any more force shit (chosen one, medi chlori bad ideas…) I decided there are no Sith, just Dark Lords….or dark jedi per say…
31. Palpatine (a friend of anni’s) explains these dark lords to anni ( anni doesn’t know what they are plus palps one of them so…)
32. padme has to go back home to help… on accident Jar jar tells her about gungan armies and a dumbass plan forms… great
33. They go back to alderaan with obi, anni, padme, binks, and find the gungans to convince them to fight the separatist…
34. Now Maul’s pissed, he’s gonna squat them like bugs!!
35. The armies fight (Gungan-droid)
36. The place controlling the droids is not in space but in the palace-Padme goes after it with soldiers…
37. Maul shows up and Anni and Obi get it on with him…. Awesome battle ensues…
38. Padme stops the droids, gungans win but not lie they did in the actual movie… this battle is more like the battle of Hoth… except they luck out and win…kinda..
39. Well…. The Jedi battle is awesome and during it they accidently slip out the name Darth maul, so the jedi know his name maybe on purpose…hmmm… the Dark lords revealing themselves as the Phantom Menaces interesting…
40. Ends up with annakin losing his arm… Obi falls into a pit that is closing in on him like the trash compactor, but before that he cuts off Mauls hand and Maul flees… back to the blockade… Obi escapes from the compactor with wounded anni’s help… they’re real pals…
41. maul calls off the ship blockade… like someone told him to…hmmm…
42. Anni and padme are in love, Obi knows/suspects this a lot!!! But anni is his friend… so he’ll pretend no to notice… Palps congratulates Anni, and finnaly humans and gungans are at peace…
43. The galaxy however is not as the last sene shows that a major war has begun with thousand of soldiers preparing for battle…. Little do they know the Clone Wars have begun… Also near the end they Show maul conversing with one Darth Sidious(for the first time)…. There is something bigger going on

I'll have the rest later...

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Posted 17 July 2005 - 09:32 PM

Now onto Ep. 2

The Clone Wars- Ep.2

The Republic is on the brink of destruction. Several thousand separatist star systems have begun attacking and conquering numerous major Republic planets, and creating hidden bases.

The Republic militias left, under the guidance of the weary Jedi Knights, have begun to strike several hidden Separatist bases, but because of the lack of soldiers most efforts have been ineffective.

With all the chaos, the Supreme Chancellor of the Senate has called into action a special session of the Galactic Senate. Senators from the lingering planets left have left their homes to discuss these events, and hope to accomplish peace once more in the Galaxy….

1. It begins with a Blockade runner landing on corasaunt much like ep. 2 begins..
2. When they get off the docking bay the ship explodes with palp there to meet them. Several Jedi at the scene check the people getting off the ship for injuries they are: Bail, Padme, and C3-PO (he is padme’s personal protocol droid) R2 is with them, they aren’t hurt just like ep. 2
3. Padme in secret visits with her lover anni
4. Anni’s worried, and him and obi go to investigate the damage, they decide to use senator bail/padme as bait (anni doesn’t like this) to lure the attacker who might lead them to a big separatist base
5. Padme (reminder) is a Queen and has no power in the senate, so she’s there just to see what happens with the vote.
6. The senate is voting on whether to use a Grand Clone Army, which was created almost three years ago for the Republic by a planet called Kamino. Although they created it, it was never used, but since the Jedi/militias are failing to be effective Chancellor Palp. Wants this to pass…
7. At night, the attacker finds Padme/ Bail (they’re in the same apartment) and tries to kill them with a blast but the jedi see him so instead he steals padme, and Anakin/obi chase him through courascaunt (like the movie)
8. Finaly they get padme back, and they semi-fight the attacker named Grievous (half-droid) the same from ep. 3
9. Grievous accidently leaves his gun, and Obi shows it to the Jedi council. Qui-Gon recognizes the gun’s origin
10. He says its from Geonosis, a big cloning planet, They (Obi and Qui) go to the planet to see whats going on…
11. All during this, Maul talks with sidious/grievous about their plans.. They’re planning an invasion of sorts
12. Palps talks with Anakin and teaches him of the Dark Lords, and of the “uselessness” of the Jedi…We also find anni has somewhat of a need for power within him..they are very good friends and Anni relies on Palp.s
13. Qui-gon and obi find out that the separatists have assembled a rather large clone army and our planning to invade the capital planet, courascaunt….Maul meets up with them while they snoop…
14. Anakin talks with Padme about his home/palps/ and other stuff
15. Qui Gon and Maul and Obi duel it out… Qui dies, and Obi barely escapes… He contacts the counsil… (maul searches intently for him)…. with the news, then he’s cut off from the feed, cus, maul finds him Oh great!
16. Anakin is worried about his mentor, but the Jedi are more concerned about the invasion and begin to evacuate all non-senators political peoples… meaning Padme
17. Anakin decides he will take her to a safe place… tatooine
18. Anni takes her to his family Owen, Beru the whole gang… he receives a distress signal from Obi-Wan’s ship’s droid R4 It seems he’s in DEEP TROUBLE
19. Anni tries to leave Padme with his family, and Owen hates Anni for going on a dumb mission and an idealistic crusade…
20. Padme enjoys his family, anni tries to make her stay with them, but…
21. Padme forces Anni to take her so he does…
22. Anni arrives on geonosis and is confronted by Grievous… they fight and anni beats him down but grievous escapes… Anni finds obi
23. He was almost killed… on their way out Maul appears… big fight between them Anni almost looses
24. Maul decides to show just how bad he is…
25. Padme, Anni, Obi are all locked up into a chamber
26. Anni is tortured much like Han Solo in Ep 4… Shockwaves throughout the Galaxy
27. Yoda decides to find out what happened to them all sensing danger… although
28. Courauscaunt is under major panic as the separatist clone army in beginning to invade
29. All hell breaks lose..
30. Padme and Obi/Anni talk in the chamber and are forced to a death pit with several major monster… they have no weapons..
31. They defeat the monsters, but maul doesn’t like the Geonosian way of death and decides to kill them himself… then Yoda comes…
32. He doesn’t have a lightsaber but he throws maul down!
33. Grievous also attacks but Obi and Anni take him on.
34. Suddenly republic troops storm in and rescue the bunch, although Maul gets away. Grevous is killed by Obi-Wan
35. They are all confronted by Seperatists but manage to escape….
36. In light of the attack the Senate decides to vote the Grand Clone Army into action (this is innercut with the rest..) 10,000 troops are ready, but it will take some time…
37. It seems the first of the Seperatist clones are already at the city… all hell breaks loose!
38. the city is all being destroyed…
39. Then the republic clones come, and its like the Clone wars episode where they fight on courascaunt
40. There’s a space battle with anni… ground troops with obi, its all good
41. Its over, and the Republic wins its first battle with their new clones… but worse yet…. The Clone Wars have begun….
42. Last scene shows Sidious’s contempt with this chain of events..He is pissed at Maul… also Grievous is gone so…
43. In the last scene, it shows Anakin getting ready to join his fleet of clones as Padme watches him leave no knowing what is next….he’s gone!

The rest is coming...

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Posted 17 July 2005 - 09:51 PM

Wow... thumbsup.gif
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