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Fixing Palpatine

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Posted 14 July 2005 - 07:31 PM

I just came up with the perfect idea for GL for the ultra-super duper special edition of ROTS. With all the complaints about the lame excuse for a make up job on plapatine after the run in with Mace, why not just CGI the original face of the emporer over Ian Mcdiarmid. George has said himself that digital fake is no different than real life fake, so why not scrap that weak make up job for a computer-generated perfect replacement?

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Posted 22 July 2005 - 05:04 PM

While many of Palpatine's exp​ressions were outright silly (an over the top villain enjoying himself way too much) I didn't really have a problem with the differences in the makeup. Aside from twenty-five years or so between ROTS and ROTJ, there are recent effects to consider. Although there have been some strange connections made between using force lighting and the changes in Palpatine's face that clearly isn't the cause. Specifically, it's the lightening backfiring off of Mace's lightsaber that does the damage. This brings us to the real Palpatine difference. Other than just looking less weathered than in ROTJ, he looks puffier. Considering how recently the disfigurement happened, it could just be that the swelling hasn't gone down.

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Posted 22 July 2005 - 06:47 PM

That whole backfiring lightning scene is crazy.

Say you are working with something hot and you burn yourself with it do you just keep burning yourself for another minute or do you stop?

Most people stop instantly.

Sidious continuing to shoot lightning at Mace when all of it is just bouncing back on him and he is screaming in pain from something he controls is just weird and illogical.

It just makes him look dumb.

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