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91 Reasons While Galcian and Storm's Reasons... LIST HERE!

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Posted 30 June 2005 - 09:27 AM

This topic is for nitpicking Galcian's and Storm's reasons why Chefelf's reasons aren't good reasons. Please post all reasons here!

Note: Do not post reasons why my reasons are bad here, start your own topic for that to further clog up the forums. This thread is only for discussion of why their reasons are bad. Please adhere to this blanket proclamation of rules and regulations I have set up in this thread which I, as a regular forum member) have declared used for this purpose and this purpose only.

Thank you.

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Posted 30 June 2005 - 03:59 PM

This is getting silly...
QUOTE (Theodor Herzl)
If you will it, it is no dream.

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Posted 30 June 2005 - 09:35 PM

but it was worth it for the laugh....

8 posts in 8 months...

each one, pure gold.

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