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Screening Room Guidelines Read These Before Posting, Please

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Posted 15 May 2005 - 11:55 PM

The Screening Room exists so that Night Life users have a place to post little projects that they've been working on. Got a comic strip, but no website to host it on? Put it up here! Have yet another rewrite of the Prequel Trilogy to put on display for everyone to see that you are much better than George Lucas? Hey, one more never hurt! Looking for attention for a bad short story? Why not post it up?
Despite the post-as-you-please nature of the Screening Room, however, there are some guidelines that we, the moderators and admin at Night Life would like you to abide by.

Keep It Clean
Okay, that isn't to say that you can't swear, or make the odd edgy remark in your comic/story/whatever, but try to keep it at a PG13 level.  Randomly throwing off a twelve-page magnum opus on the uses of the f-word is probably best left for your own webspace.

Use The Smallest Number Of Topics Possible
We don't need topics to preview your work.  We don't need topics to discuss the work.  We don't need topics to tell us about why you made it.  We need one topic for the whole thing.  One project should not use four or five different topics.  If you want to advertise your work elsewhere on the forum, link to it in your signature.

Nothing Personal!
This is not a place to put up doctored pictures of forum members from the Photo Album.  It is by no means to be used as a vehicle for anybody's personal grudges or beefs.  If you have a problem with another user, report it to a moderator, don't just put up a picture of them with a moustache and blacked-out teeth added to it.

Originality Is Key
Anyone who uses off-site or unoriginal material will have their thread removed.  Screenshots and the like are one thing, but blatantly stealing somebody else's work will result in some sort of consequences.

Likewise, if you're not posting any material yourself, but have something to say about other members' work, there are rules in effect for you too.

Keep It Constructive
Showing up in someone's project thread and offering up a slice of brilliance like "You suck and so does this, I hate you all!" is NOT COOL.  If you don't have any constructive criticism to offer up, don't say anything at all.  And while you're at it, start working on that project that will prove once and for all that you're the best at this sort of thing.

Actually, that's about it. As long as you're keeping your criticism constructive, you're free to browse the Screening Room and enjoy all of the projects being worked on!
Remember, the idea of this forum is to create an environment where users can express themselves and have a good time with some fun projects. There is no room here for people who just want to insult others' efforts or cause trouble.

If you have any questions about the rules, or have something you'd like to suggest adding to them, feel free to contact me via PM and let me know.

In addition to the above rules and guidelines, I should also stress that it would be preferable if you post your work offsite (say, on a Tripod site or something to that effect), and use the Screening Room as a forum for discussion of your work instead. This will keep things tidier around here, and it also eliminates the chance of someone's profane Star Wars parody giving the Night Life a bad name on Google.

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