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Star Wars Ep I & II (rememberer's takes) TCW & KOD

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Posted 06 June 2005 - 12:50 AM

This is actually chaper 12 because I put chapter 10 in twice... silly me.
Also coming up is chapter 1 of Knights of Darkness. Just so you know this thread will have Knights in it, but I'll ask Chefelf or Heccubus to rename the thread.

Chapter Twelve:
The Hound of the Republic and the other ships strove for altitude to get clear of the tractor beams of the falling station while the godships, seeing the strife the tractor lifters were causing the Republic fleet had blossomed their formation outwards in a ring and were adding their own fighter-recall beams to the mix.
The admiral fretted at the bridge as the crescendo of the engines trying to counter this strange assault filled his ears.
"All missile crew, begin torpedo barrage - hoepfully it should put the tractors or the ships out of comission," he ordered.
They obliged, and the roar of the thruster banks was punctuated by tthe pulsing sound of the torpedo cannons as high-yield missiles leapt into the void and were pulled onto course by the tractor beams.

On the bridge of one of the godships, Anataj watched as a wave of blue torpedoes streaked towards the ships. The tractor beams, never designed to be used as weapons or anchors like this, were not equipped with a sudden cutoff that would save his fleet - nor would his missile countermeasures function within the tractor web. They were doomed.
He stood silently, and watched.

There was a blinding flash of white light, and then the godships of the clone fleet began to burn with the strange fire that burns only about ships dying in space - great conelike tongues of bright white fire, deadly cold. Each crippled ship began to descend as their silent engines no longer fought gravity's pull.

The ships of the Republic leapt heavenwards as the tractor beams failed. Everyone aboard fell to the deck and klaxons broke out as the formation broke its organised structure and the ships began to roil about with countless near collisions.

On the surface of Var Anyas the massive command tower, crowned with the infernal glow of fire and lightning, burst asunder, sending fragments of stone and steel soaring into the rarefied atmosphere and crashing upon the desolate earth.

The Jedi scoutship hurtled ever skywards, when suddenly the sky became incandescent with flame as the ships and battle station struck the outer edges of the atmosphere. Anakin took a moment to compose himself before he pitched the shuttle into a flatter climb, making for the narrow horizon. The thin air of Var Anyas was pulled upwards to meet the descending hulks and then expressed outwards to form a great spout of wind. The tiny shuttle made it to beyond the edge of the falling hulks before Anakin pulled the ship into a great climb through the maelstrom envelope that was forming in the wake of the searing wreckage.
The tiny ship shook about fiercely in the buffeting wind and it was all Anakin could do to hold it on course through the storm.

From the Hound of the Republic they could see the vortex forming in the thin skies as the impact of collision drove what air the desolate world had from the atmosphere. The Hound's captain looked at the spreading devastation, and said with a knot in his throat, "The Jedi?"
The admiral gazed at the disc of the planet, as if by his will alone he could stretch his sight beyond the limits even of the warships scanners.
An ensign perked up from the deck.
"Sir, we've got them on our scopes - they're in bad shape but they're going to make it."
All breathed a sigh of relief.
The captain turned to the admiral.
"What shall we do about the other towers down there?"
"I believe they shall take care of themselves."
The captain, not grasping the admiral's meaning, followed his gaze back to the planet. The white cloud caused by the vortex now encompassed the entire disc of the planet and a fine mist was beginning to float away from it, barely visible to the naked eye.
"Yes, Admiral?"
"Could we take an atmospheric analysis of Var Anyas?"
"Yes, sir."
The computers busied themselves as the scopes and rangefinders turned to the atmosphere and began examining its depth and composition.
"Sir - it's not looking good - temperature is falling, ozone and oxygen content is falling, atmospheric surface is falling... everything is falling, sir."
"There you go, Captain. Anyone on those towers has already been dealt with."
"Yes, sir."
"Flight, launch an escort for our esteemed Jedi."

The ship set down on the flight deck of the Hound of the Republic, clearly the worse for wear. Of the triplet engines mounted at the rear of the ship, only two still functioned, while the wings and fins integral for atmospheric flight had been utterly destroyed. The outer hull had been breached in a few places, and the failsafe layers of the hatch seals had been triggered. None aboard were harmed, but the waiting crew were dismayed to see that of the three Jedi Knights that had left them, only two had returned.
The admiral was the first to greet them.
"I'm sorry to see Commander Ghan did not return. My condolences at your and our loss. I trust, nevertheless, that you got your man?"
"Yes, Admiral, the Dark Knight was defeated as was Anataj. I'm grateful for your sorrow - we Jedi are too few to readily withstand tragedy."
"What is Anataj's story anyway, and how did he come by the services of a Sith warrior?"
"Anataj is a clone master, a relic of older times, as is, I suspect, the warrior who served him. Now we must return to Tralen."

The fleet regathered in formation and leapt into hyperspace.

They reappeared above Tralen.

The shuttle that landed at the central palace in Tralen unfolded its rampway, and from it came the captains of each key warship, the admiral of the fleet and the two surviving Jedi Knights and Anakin. Waiting for them were the admiral and governor of Tralen, Senator Bail Organa and Councillor Palpatine.
They greeted each other in turn, before the governor led them to an ornate conference chamber.
"So, your excellencies, Tralen is safe from the clone threat?"
"Yes, lord Governor - the bastion at Var Anyas has been utterly destroyed and the clone master and his pet Sith have been slain."
Palpatine unfolded his hands, "A Sith Knight?"
Kenobi spoke up to field the question "Yes, Councillor - it seems that Anataj was able to enlist the services of a Dark Knight of the Sith, a remnant of the ancient order."
"That is most disturbing - to think the warriors of Kharieth survived the war... I find it unimaginable."
"Quite so, but it is of little consequence now - the Knight is dead."
"Well, I thank you, Your Excellency, it is a weight off my mind."

The meeting finished, and Obi-Wan and Nashira went to the room where Anakin waited for them.
He looked up, silent and pensive.
"While we were in orbit, I made a transmission to my master to inform him of the defeat of the Sith Knight, of Bendu's death and of you. He has decided not to train you."
Anakin's face fell.
"Yoda already has an apprentice - however, I asked him permission to train you myself. Mentorship is not the sole preserve of the Jedi Masters - Knights can and have taken apprentices. Yoda has granted me permission to train you in the ways of the Jedi and Nashira is to assist me in your training."
Anakin rose and unclipped the lightsaber Obi-Wan had given him from his belt.
"I can keep this?"
"Until you wish to make another, of course."
"So what am I?"
"A disciple of the Jedi, but not yet a full Jedi Knight. You will retain, for the sake of secrecy, the rank of Captain in the Navy of the Republic, and will be called as such in official circles."
"I would have thought there would be some kind of ceremony or something."
Obi-Wan smiled softly.

At the tower-top, Nashira, Anakin and Obi-Wan stood facing the dawn. Obi-Wan removed from about his neck a necklace that had been hidden underneath his clothes. The pendant was a medallion and at its centre was a smaller coin - the disciple order. Ben removed the disciple order from the medallion and passed a cord through its clasp.
Anakin kneeled before him, and Obi-Wan set the medallion about his neck.
He arose, Anakin Skywalker, newly-dubbed servant of the Force.

Thus ends Star Wars Episode I: The Clone Wars, first episode in this the Rememberer's take on the prequel trilogy. Thank you for reading. The next episode, Knights of Darkness, will begin shortly.
discussion thread, for all you loyal readers.

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Posted 06 June 2005 - 01:56 AM

This may or may not count as a double post.

Episode II

It is a time of war. The Clone Anataj has proven far too numerous to have been destroyed in the BATTLE OF VAR ANYAS. His forces now squarely engage the Republic and worlds are held in the balance. The ORDER OF THE JEDI, though few in number, has been drawn from solitude to counter his assault.

Into the affairs of the Republic and the Jedi come the DARK KNIGHTS OF THE SITH - remnants of an ancient and proud order of warriors loyal to THE DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE. The contagion of their power and evil is spreading throughout the galaxy, and the Jedi must act quick, not only to preserve the sanctity of the Republic, but of the Force itself...

The world hung like a jewel in the heavens, massive and beautiful, glowing with reflected light. Above it floated a silent and deadly vessel, barely visible even to the most sensitive of scanners and vigilant of watchers. The ship glided through the envelope of atmosphere that surrounded the planet.

The man lived in a simple house, spartanly furnished yet comfortable. There were few earthly possessions scattered throughout the abode, but peculiarly it boasted an extraordinarily expensive and sophisticated communicator. He himself wore simple clothes, and was of unassuming appearance except in his eyes, which were deeper and more heavily laden with thought and feeling than someone of his apparent age might have known. He sat still, facing the window and letting the wind chill his body as he meditated.
His meditations were disturbed.
The door erupted into a twisted hell of light as sparks leapt from its melting surface. The man got up and turned in one graceful motion and without even a moment of fear or hesitation held out his hand. A smooth metal shaft leapt into his open palm and his hand curled around it in a tight grip. From the shaft issued a blade of violet light and the Jedi Knight moved to face whatever was melting away his door.
The smoke and fire cleared and an enormous figure, eight feet tall and clad in dark steel, stepped through the blazing portal, wielding in two hands a lightsaber, red-bladed, suitable for his size. The two stepped forward, and their blades clashed. The room was filled with a terrible red glare and the Jedi almost quailed beneath the sheer strength of his foe. Rather than lock blades with the giant and pit their strength against each other, he moved nimbly to avoid his enemy's strokes and best him with speed and skill, but the dark warrior moved with surprising grace and agility for his size. He pressed the Jedi out onto the balcony of his humble home as their battle destroyed the bare furnishings of the house. As the knight stepped back onto the balcony, he looked up and saw another enemy.
Again black-clad, this one wore a deaths-head mask and a flowing black cape, the warrior raised his hands and the Jedi was surrounded with a constricitve energy that held him in place. Bound by the Force of the one, he was helpless to repel the attack of the other. He composed his final thought and reached out with his soul to make his voice heard across the galaxy.
The giant figure passed his blade through the Jedi's neck, and his body disappeared utterly and instantly. The murderer turned to his master, and knelt before him.
The Sith Prelate nodded to his apprentice in recognition.

On a distant world, an old man heard the call of his defeated student.

On another, another old man heard that of his victorious apprentice.

discussion thread

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Posted 11 June 2005 - 07:16 AM

Chapter Two:

The dropship set down in front of the crumbling tower - some old fortress now turned into a pirate warren.

The Republican Guard leapt from the open hatches, sporting full assault gear and with them were three humans armed in Jedi fashion.

"As before, Aurek and Besh on me, Caleph with the others on the tower."
With mechanical precision, the Guard troop broke into three squads, two forming up on the lead Jedi while the other squad hugged the wall and prepared grapples.
The lead troop move to cover the metal gate while soldiers from the second troop affixed shaped explosives to the door before taking up positions behind the first wave of troops. The gate shattered as the charges simultaneously went off, warping it into weird and molten shapes before it crumbled into pieces and fell from its track.

General Ben Kenobi, Jedi Knight, drew his lightsaber and lead his troops into battle.
The motley of pirates and smugglers, some human and some utterly alien, gave poor resistance as they retreated from the advancing Guardsmen. One man, a spokesman or perhaps a lieutenant, stepped in front of Obi-Wan and symbolically dropped his pistol.
"What did we do... why are you guys here."
"It seems that you have a visitor. We are here for him."
"What visitor?"
"Don't stall me, pirate, where is Anataj?"

Caleph squad continued its climb up the tower wall, with Anakin and Nashira leading the ascent. Their heavy-duty rapelling cords were magnetically fixed to the battlements at the tower top, which, if Obi-Wan's frontal assault was sucessful would be unguarded. They reached the roof, which was clear save a small orbit-jump shuttle. Anakin drew his incandescent blue lightsaber and quickly slashed the undercarriage and pierced the hatch on the ship, rendering it worse than useless for escaping. The squad proceeded down the stairway with the Jedi at the rear owing to the inefficiencies of a lightsaber in such close quarters. They reached an annex, where the troop fanned out and the Jedi took point before proceeding into the adjacent chamber. Anataj rose to greet them, the pirate leader at his side.
"Well, my dear, I wasn't aware we had met. But then again, perhaps I have. What was the occasion?"
"A battle, on Var Anyas."
His face noticeably puckered momentarily with barely suppressed rage and when he next spoke his voice was strangely choked.
"Well then, Jedi, it seems I must leave you now. Sorry to have inconvenienced you, Captain Gnall."
And with that he turned away and dropped a grenade pod to the ground. It broke into bright fragments before a cloud of brillaint smoke formed from the catalytic chemical inside. The Guardsmen and the pirate captain were blinded by the luminous smokescreen, but the Jedi charged after the clone guided by their force sense of him. He pelted on down the stairs with an agility matching that of the Jedi, honed by his spartan training regimen.

"He's talking to the captain in the upper chamber! Spare me, sir, please." The wretched man lay full length on the ground, practically wriggling in fear and misery.
"Get up and don't let me catch you again."
Kenobi turned sharply to the stairwell only to see Anataj practically leap from it towards another that led deeper into the tower. He raised his arm and knotted two fingers together, the Guard callsign for subdue. There was a click as the Guardsmen switched the power cells from running the blasters to the small neural disruptors built in beneath the barrel. A barrage of blue bolts struck the clone and brought him to the ground, when suddenly Anakin and Nashira jumped from the stairwell with there sabers drawn, only to realise that their quarry had been taken and extinguish their blades. Anakin walked over to Anataj's inert body and slung him over his shoulder as the troop left, leaving behind a gang of pirates and a blasted door.

The Jedi met again in the cramped officers compartment of the dropship. Anakin was barely able to squeeze his bulk through the door built like everything else on the ship - with the minimalism of the military.
"I've got our Clonemaster wrapped up in one of the jump seats - hopefully he should be comfortable enough on the way to Fleet Command. Though, I don't see why we are turning him over to Fleet - surely the Jedi would be more effective come interrogation time."
"We are turning him over to Fleet because they asked us if we could track down one of the clones that was visiting the fringe groups for whichever reason, and Master Haran will lead the interrogation."
When it had turned out that Anataj had withstood his defeat at Var Anyas, the Jedi who were embedded within the military had revealed themselves and much of Fleet Command has been very surprised to learn that Admiral Haran was a Jedi Master, but since then he had effectively taken command of all combined Fleet and Jedi undertakings.

The dropship sped on.

"Admiral Haran, sir. Transmission from General Kenobi: they have Anataj and they are bringing him in."
"Very good."

Anataj awoke with a yelp. The Guardsman next to him tapped a panel on his chest.
"General Kenobi, Commander Eldacal, Captain Skywalker. Anataj is awake."
The Jedi filed in and seated themselves across from the clone.
"Good morning, Anataj, I trust you slept well."
"General Kenobi I presume."
"How astute of you, sir, what then should I call you?"
"It is not too late for you to call me Master - the servants of the Force serve me - but as for a name I am just Anataj and have never gone by any other."
"The servants of the force do not serve you - the Sith are not its servants or yours."
"Your meaning, Jedi?"
"If they served you then why would you be here, risking your neck talking to pirates when you could have sent one of your Dark Knights?"
"Because there are some things only a master can do."
"And what is that?"
"I am looking for the most dangerous man in the Republic."

"Captain - do you want me to put together some people do deal with the Ascares?"
"No," said Saul Hath as he extinguished his lightsaber and rose from his combat stance, looking over the leaders of the Ascares pirate gang as they lay dead on the floor, "I believe I already have seen to them."

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