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Hannibal Takes on Religion Not what you would expect

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Posted 11 December 2004 - 07:58 PM

NOTE: This is not a anti-religion thread, you will find that in the debate forum, that is why this is not in the debate forum. You're in the wrong thread Hoffmarn. Sorry THIS THREAD RUNS A LITTLE LONG, BUT I HAD TO INCLUDE EVERYBODY.


Your religion is lying to you, AND people are lying about your religion. If you are prejudiced to think that only catholics rape little boys, or all muslims are terrorists, or all jews are now secular movie producers, or all taoists are hip and happenin new age gurus or poets, or the Dalai Lama is anywhere the man Ghandi was, or that buddhists are so cool they don't believe in that ugly "good and evil" thang....
you're so wrong and full of shit you need to be flushed.

Modern Religions have betrayed their sangha and their attendants and their believers and followers and churchgoers. As Agent Mulder used to say, the truth is out there, your preist, guru, master, rabbi, or reverend may not be telling you the whole story.

Religious Hatred and antireligious bigotry must end, religious sexual abuse, and Religious Wars must end, I suggest you check out these links to learn what is behind it all.


Think the Vatican is full of Catholics? Think again:

scroll down past the apocalyptic prophesies and read the list of the cardinals and their frocked pals who are freemasons...remember my Catholic friend freemasonry is considered evil in the Church, and you will be excommunicated for

these fuckers run the show:(Remember the Crusades, these guys started them)

here they are and they don't look Christian to me;

these guys also get into some kinky shit;

Prescott Bush...Pat buchanon...William F. Buckley Jr...Allen Dulles...Heinrich Himmler...Ted Kennedy...Ronald Reagan...numerous cardinals, bishops, fundamentalist christian preachers and other fascists...what do they all have in common: They're all Knights of Malta!

Born Again Christians? Hah.


Go Feng a Shui


Think the Dalai Lama is a cuddly enlightened Holy Man?

Think "Tantra" is hip, chic, and happenin'?

Or, shit man, try reading the scriptures:
The Shurangama Sutra
"Further in this state of samadhi, the good person sees the disintegration of the form skandha and understands the feeling skandha. In that clear awakening, he experiences a false clarity. Within that, suddenly he may veer towards the view of eternal extinction, deny cause and effect, and take everything as empty. The thought of emptiness so predominates that he comes to believe that there is eternal extinction after death. This is called ‘the mental state of samadhi dissolving so that one loses sight of what is right’. If he understands, then there is no error. This experience does not indicate sagehood. But if he considers himself a sage, then a demon of emptiness will enter his mind. He will slander the holding of precepts, calling it a "Small Vehicle Dharma." He will say, "Since Bodhisattvas have awakened to emptiness, what is there to hold or violate?" This person, in the presence of his faithful Danapatis, will often drink wine, eat meat, and engage in wanton lust. The power of the demon will keep his followers from doubting or denouncing him. After the ghost has possessed him for a long time, he may consume excrement and urine, or meat and wine, claiming that all such things are empty. He will break the Buddha’s moral precepts and mislead people into committing offenses. Lacking proper samadhi, he will certainly fall. "

Think Catholic Preists are the only ones abusing children? Think again you predjudiced bastard:




Think people aren't still out to exterminate you? Think again, and its not who think it is:

Kabbalism, the Black Arts, and Joseph Smith the Mormon?

see above


Do I need to tell you that you don't have to blow yourselves up?

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"Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities also has the power to make you commit atrocities."
~ Voltaire (1694-1778)

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