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Best new show on TV ever Spielberg still rocks

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Posted 25 October 2011 - 10:44 PM

There's this totally wicked new show on TV! It has like these dinosaurs from Jurassic park, and it's also like this cool movie Avatar that was in like 3 dimensions with depth and also things would even come out of the screen at you, but this new show is only 1 or 2 dimensions but has the evil Avatar guy in it to help you make the connection, only he is cool now, but still like totally bad ass.

The future like totally sucks cause we have totally ruined the environment by drinking too many starbucks and shit and also burning fossils instead of batteries. So the world has turned into Blade Runner except no Harrison Ford or robots. But there is this excellent plan where humans go back into the primordial and primeval world to commune with nature and shit, and FIX all the things where we went wrong. But first we have to kill off all the dinosaurs, because remember that the most important part of co- exist is exist, so enough already with the don't kill other species shit, OK? We know it's all eco and shit cause the buildings have this cool wooden rustic look like they are made out of for real trees and shit, and all the technology is like appropriate technology and not like over the top. Also everywhere inside the compound is like a renaissance faire and every meal is a barbecue.

Also there are like these totally bitchin teen agers who don't even take shit or advice from ANYONE! They rock, and the main son is like way sullen and is all like dad you suck and don't even tell me what to do. I even think he used to be in a rock band. Plus he was only there like 2 hours and scored this hot bitch already, even though he is really totally sensitive cause he totally misses his old girlfriend that he had to leave behind. But she'll show up again in a future episode and then he'll have to choose. It'll be like Sawyer and the Jack and that chick who was in real life shagging that hobbit actor. Who will he choose? Only that is in a future episode and we haven't go there yet. I can't wait!

Also I forgot that there are these OTHERS like in Lost, but they are really sixers, and also they have these wicked petroglyphs which will for sure become important in future episodes as has been foreshadowed already in a subtle way. Cause the evil Avatar guys son has run away and is totally writing these messages in code because he knows what is really going on.

I love these shows where you have to be smart and like think about it and there are family dramas and action too, and dinosaurs, and also an important message about environmentalism without the preaching and the chicks with hairy pits. Like hot chicks can care about earth too you know. And who are the sixers? They seem like the bad guys, but ARE THEY??

Check Terra Nova out if you like hot action and also cool drama! This show has it all!!!!

Five stars (Out of five) I wish I could give it 10 out of 10, but my ratings only goes to five.

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Posted 15 November 2011 - 01:16 AM

I hear nerf guns are involved in this. Interesting.


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