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"Fake" Childhood memory becomes real: BluRay Deleted scene

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Posted 31 July 2011 - 01:48 AM

This isn't meant as an advertisment for the new Blu-Rays coming in September. I don't have a BD player, and I won't be grabbing one just to get these sets. Mark my words... this will NOT be the last time these movies are released on the format.

What I'm most interested in is not the extras... I've seen them all before except the new material (and as I'm not a cosplayer I don't care about the 501st legion, sorry guys, I know you do good work for charity). What matters to me is the deleted scenes that haven't previously been released.

So here's a childhood memory many claimed to have had (based on the radio drama, iirc). Apparently the scene was actually filmed (though it looks like you could have faked it pretty easily with looping footage): (Trust me, just watch it... and please let me know if the link goes down, somebody else will surely repost it)

Btw: This scene also looks like it could easily have been "faked" in modern times:

Finally there's this, which is more what I'm interesting in seen. Again, mark my words, all of the deleted scenes will be out, in full quality within a week of the official release. Hence, I don't need to feel bad about not buying the special editions again. ;)

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Posted 31 July 2011 - 04:07 PM

That lightsaber scene from Return of the Jedi. scared me. The fanboy screaming at what is basically just a mundane bit of deleted footage sounded almost cultlike. I swear at the end of it one guy is starting to cry.

I don't understand the "fake childhood memory" reference to Star Wars though. Isn't that just an alternate cut to stuff that happened in the movie already? What is the deleted scene?
"I had a lot of different ideas. At one point, Luke, Leia and Ben were all going to be little people, and we did screen tests to see if we could do that." -George Lucas, in STAR WARS: the Annotated Screenplays (p197).

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